2-in-1 commercial floorcare and disinfection robot

Improve your cleaning productivity and efficacy with the Whiz UVC Robot.

Key Features

Air + Floor Sterilisation

The Whiz UVC has two separate modules attached for air and floor sterilisation, which makes it an effective device to kill pathogens.

Easy & Safe to Use

The Whiz UVC is easy to setup for use in any environment to improve the overall cleaning efficiency without making use of dangerous chemicals.

2-Step Treatment

The Whiz UVC traps and captures floor and airborne viruses, and exposes them to UVC light. This inactivates any virus, including bacteria and mould.

With Whiz UVC, you can experience upto:

The UVC light rapidly inactivates any kind of pathogen, including bacteria, mould and virus such as COVID-19.


Germs eradication


Removal of Golden Staph bacteria plate within 2 seconds
*Disclaimer: Above estimates are from our independent lab results. Please see our lab results here.

Lab Tested.

Germii's Whiz UVC has undergone multiple laboratory tests to prove it's effectiveness.

See detailed analysis of our device, by clicking the below report.
See Lab Results
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