Reduce Costs

Bring Happiness to your customers

Improve Staff Productivity

Germii makes it easy for cleaning companies to stay ahead of the curve.

Improve Operational Efficiency
Germii's robotic solutions can be setup and programmed to navigate through the restaurant and deliver food to the right customer table from the kitchen.
Reliable Solutions
Germii's solutions for hotels are reliable and can be deployed in any environment. We do a quick site-assessment and determine what robots are best fit for your restaurant and hotel areas.


Cost Savings


Increase in customer satisfaction
* This data is based on the case study after deployment of Germii Products with Sheraton.

“Saving Money, Yes.
Better Service, Yes.
For us Keenbot definitely ticks all the boxes”

Head Of Engineering
Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park

UVC & Robots for Hotels & Restaurants


24/7 Autonomous Food Delivery Robot

Scrubber 50 Pro

High-performance commercial floorcare robot for hotels with
all-in-1 functionality.

Whiz Vacuuming

Fully autonomous vacuuming robot that can vacuum restaurant/hotel areas resulting in clean areas.

Get your robots for hotels, restaurants & bars from $50 per day*

On our 36-month facility management plan.