Kill time for pathogens including mould, bacteria and viruses can be as quick as a 10 second passover

Modular Design
Chemical Free
Effective Sterilization
Safe and Easy to use
Australian Manufactured

Lab Tested

Germii's UVC technology devices has been lab tested and verified, by multiple laboratories, for it's effectiveness against different bacteria, viruses and pathogens.
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Reduce Costs and Chemical Use

Self-funding, replacing 500 litres of chemicals a year and costs less than a 10 cents a day to run.

UVC Sabre

Sabre is a germicidal UVC device that are built for enterprise and commercial grade purposes.
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UVC Gladius

Light-weight and powerful UVC device that can be used in any indoor environments.
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Relied upon by the following companies

UVC Sabre
UVC Gladius
Monthly Costs
Operational Costs
$0.05 per day
<$0.05 Per Day
Battery Life
4-6 Hours
4-6 Hours
UVC Lamp Effectiveness


Disinfect patient areas, clinical rooms, equipment in hospitals, aged care, dental and optical facilities


Disinfect high contact customer areas, such as cash counters, reception desks, product shelves etc.

Hospitality Venues

Useful for disinfecting guest rooms, reception areas, surface areas in hotels, bars, restaurants and clubs.

Schools & Offices

Clean, disinfect and sterilize classrooms desks, offices, computer equipment for extra-layer of protection.


Disinfect and sterilize passenger seats, waiting areas in trains, buses, airplanes and cruise ships.

Commercial Spaces

Disinfect internal and external surface areas in shopping malls, warehouses, commercial buildings.

“With Germii UVC device, we have replaced any harmful chemicals and can see the difference it can make”

- Procurements Manager
    Bayside Council, NSW

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